NYFW Nicholas K fall 17/18

A unique way to find a feminine goddess touch in a very masculine world. This collection is what hip hop, old school, new york loving and urban wear lovers are looking for. You can also easily find your place in this collection, whether you are a hip hop fan or not. To me this designer is trying to  make going back in time cool and fun. The black, red, rusty, and gold tones and details played well as it stood out the most with the idea of sending off a street vibe. The models had a very clean face, very little makeup which is great, so it focuses on the accessories and the texture of the outfits . Very little use of print but when it was done it was in such a way that it gave you the impression of a golden snake or an urban massai. Velvet also played a big role in this collection so it looks like we will repeat the velvet theme next year. this collection was not something you never saw but the idea of using these colors, layers, knots and  textures in the right places made it stand out.so I would like to say its a thumbs up for Nicholas k. fall collection. I can see the next generation of hip hop, urban artist who choose t o identify with the past wear this as much as I can see a mature classy woman  wear it has no specific audience.




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