59th Grammy red carpet critique….the good, the bad, the ugly…..

Watching the Grammys red carpet I realized the majority of the Hollywood music and acting  industry has no clue where to stand in the fashion industry. Forward?, Backwards? , is it a lack of interest?, lack of  effort to dress to impress?, did all of the stylists go on a strike?.

“A lot of nothing is what came to mind”.Nothing I haven’t seen before and nothing out of this world. I understand that at the Grammys you don’t have to dress so formal but its actually the best part, not having to dress to please anybody. being able to wear something you can identify with, which is a very crucial but at the same time beneficial moment for your image. its one of the most informal awards of Hollywood, but those of us who are fans and fashionistas need some food for our eyes, some ideas. I cant comment on every dress I thought was horrendous but I will name some. And I will rate them from 1 to 10. 1 being the worst, 10 being the best.

Lady Gaga = Alex Ulichny …A huge zero, hot mess …. we understand she is trying to transmite body acceptance but she went at it the wrong way , it wasn’t  a gaga style, it wasn’t unique, it didn’t do justice to her figure or her style. it looked pretty cheap and attention seeking….. I give her a 1 …next please.

Faith Hill = Beautiful , although I feel like I have seen her with something similar. The red from head to toe looked perfect on her. sexy yet classy I give her an 8.

Tinashe = The dress was ok , but it didn’t stand out. she’s not very well known in Hollywood so being an up an coming or growing artist/rising star I would of wore something with more colors or that stood out instead of a prom dress. the only thing that stood out in this vera wang dress is the cut. its a good dress but once again if you want people to remember that they saw tinashe at the grammys maybe another choice of cut and color would of been good for the grammys. I give her a 7.

Adele= Givenchy Haute Couture. The dress didn’t drive me crazy, it was alright. the green looks very good on her  but the design of the dress to me seems very medieval . kind of looks like Marie Antoinette’s assistant, you know the girl that lifts her dress and adjust it, to keep it from getting dirty or having marie trip and fall. I give adele an 8. she has a beautiful figure, even if she covers up she can still find cuts, prints and textures that can favor her style.

Rihanna =wearing an Armani Prive dress.  I really like it. Its her style and I respect that, When you think of Rih Rih  you think of something that will expose her tattoo and her bad gal ways , I see it as her. she looked very beautiful in it . she has a good sense of style when it comes to self identification. she knows what she wants or at least the person who dresses her knows how to  work with her image. its a bad gal in a gown. I give her a 9.

jennifer-lopezJennifer Lopez= She looked nice. although to me this dress is more of a summer event dress. a nice wine, green, or blue would of went well with her for this season. I give her 7. It was nothing I haven’t seen before from jlo . I don’t know if this year the idea of fashion was repetion lol.

Celine Dion = Zuhair Murad Couture dress. All I can think of is Christmas or Batman plant lady.  The cut and design was good, but I kind of wish it was Black, gold, navy blue, or red. I give her a 7.

Katy Perry =Tom Ford dress, I give her a 5. Its very Katy Perry but its not doing her any justice. Maybe if she would of had her hair in a bun, clean, with a nice clutch bag ( she is posing with out a clutch with both of her hands on her waist, a very ugly pose for this kind of dress) she could of even had a nice belt instead of placing her hands to make her figure stand out. I think its ostrich hair on the dress? I don’t like where it starts, it can make her look like she has a rectangle shape waist when she doesn’t, that’s why she probably should of considered a belt. But then it wouldn’t look right with a turtle neck…and she has a great body… katy-perry Solange Knowles =Dress by Gucci. Beautiful. she made Gucci proud, I give her a 10. Perfect.

Taraji P. Henson = Dress by Marc Jacobs. Not her size …looks uncomfortable… where’s her clutch bag( details can make a big difference). I give her a 7. The color was good.

Andrea Day = Wearing a peach summer, Austin powers 70s flower power love interest….. ” no ..I give her a 1….. next please”

Crissy Teiggen=  Roberto Cavalli gown…Perfect…  the dress suited her well, I give her a 9. you can tell she’s still working on her body after having a child that’s why she wore something that would take attention off the stomach, dark and give the effect of an hour glass shape body.


Kat Graham=I liked this dress , she looked good in it. Very classy and clean. It made her look taller. I give her a 9. although she forgot her clutch.

Carrie Underwood =In a Elie Madi dress. Beautiful  I give her a 10, although she also forgot to take a small clutch with her …. or the assistant is holding it.



Halsey=  by Chistian Wijnants I think she got the wrong invitation. It was not a sleepover party, it was the grammys…. either that or she was trying to pay honors to TLC Creep music video… its not cutting it. I give her a  big 1. Terrible …

Demi Lovato =  In Julien Mcdonald . Its more of a summer informal dress … I just don’t see her with it … but I give her a  6. A little too much and no clutch.demi-lovato

Charlie XCX = Vivien Westwood. One of my favorite grammy dresses . Stunning and elegant although  she isn’t wearing a clutch neither… I give her a 10.

Paris Jackson = The dress was ok … but it would of been better if she had picked up her hair. with a clean pull back bun the dress would of stood out. I give her a 6 . you can tell she has a lot to learn about fashion .

I can go on forever but we need to touch on other fashion topics so I will end this with Ceelo Green … ”You are your own Grammy”.

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