#Workflow With #Loveflow

Love my job, love working with fashion lines that challenges ones creativity as far as the use of tropical cool colors in in the cold season and textures that are so different but well blended together to make a fashionable statement. when ever I get a chance to work with Custo Barcelona I find a fun moment to learn and expand in the creativity department. A Spanish fashion line that has been around since 1981. one of the founders of European/Spanish  fashion lines. One of the first designers from Europe to present in NYFW. One of the first to apply Graphic design in clothing in a way that it would play with your eyes as if you are looking at a Salvador Dali painting. With Custo Barcelona you have to focuser on the details.

I love dressing the mannequin  mans collection also I think its one of the best men clothing line for a guy who wants to stand out and be unique in his own way. One who is not afraid of prints and colors and if you aren’t so convinced I would recommend that you start by combining one Custo Barcelona article you bought with something  clean and plain that you already have in your closet. like a nice Custo Barcelona printed shirt with a nice clean pair of worn out jeans. Cant wait to see his next fashion show …Good people to work with. And yes I am wearing a Custo Barcelona winter collection called Candice long made with linen so it keeps you warm during the cold season this designer thinks a lot about the details remember .

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