NYFW Desigual 17/18

This collection was mainly about the use of darkness to play with the light. It tried to stir away from the usual fun, happy, vivid, crazy colors, mixture of patterns and textures to captivate a different kind of client and audience. Informal washed out jeans, studs, punk accessories, dark blue, burgundy, black, plaid, and a mix between punk rock and glam was kind of the idea they had going for this collection. It can effect the fans who are used to seeing a more risky use of colors and patterns but yet gain a diverse clientele and fan base. The patterns didn’t stand out as much as the accessories. I was never a fan of desigual I usually tell people who have interest in it to play with desigual. With desigual  you can wear the shirt, shoes, bag or jeans but not the complete outfit, or else it sort of looks tacky and  obsessive, as if you have no clue how to dress on your own and make out your own identity from head to toe, either that or you are a real fan of this brand. This collection made me feel like a teenager with an identity crisis. Its not a bad thing, depending on who you are.

Lots of mini backpacks and puffs around the small purses. goth teen spirit meets the loner punk youthful school girl. a different approach on desigual to expand.

I see this brand growing because of the risk it likes to take. This is what a lot of brands are afraid of now and days. so get ready for the next desigual collection. its always a surprise with desigual.

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